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Let’s Talk About Future of SEO 2019


Major changes are expected to take place in SEO this year. SEO is a crucial part of our virtual world. Since numbers of advanced technological features are coming into existence, it would be interesting to see how they affect SEO and transform our internet.

There would be many factors that would affect SEO in 2019, here are they:

  • AI as the emerging tool

It is estimated that by 2020 nearly 50% of the searches will be done by voice. Though giving the command by speaking takes longer time than typing, with advanced changes voice search can definitely provide with accurate search results. Since it is easy and convenient to control your cell phone or computer through voice, AI will replace the keywords. AI will help in analyzing consumer behavior and choices. Implementing AI in business strategies can help businesses track the behavior of their consumers and further plan their strategy.


  • Image search

Google made the image search popular. Image optimization helps find the exact or similar image. Image recognition feature is an enhanced search feature. Though image search has been neglected by SEO professionals, 2019 can experience a rise in effective image optimization.


  • Focus on better content creation

When it comes to digital marketing SEO plays an important role but content also has a major role to play. A quality and engaging content just doesn’t inform people but also persuades them to buy specific products and services. A good content copy is full of related keywords that are used strategically in order to keep the copy on top of the search result. Keyword-Driven content will always be the primary tool of marketers.


  • Video Marketing

Creating videos of products and services with engaging story concept can help target key audience. Since consumers are using a large sum of data to stream audio and video content, video content optimization will be the most sought after trend in 2019.


  • Use of chatbots

Initially, chatbots can be used to place customer orders. Chatbots can also help in connecting with customers and resolving consumer queries. Besides chatbots are a helpful tool in increasing interaction between clients and consumers.


  • Mobile optimization

Since many people are using mobile as they are lightweight and portable as compared with tablets or computers, it has become essential to design the website suitable for the mobile version. Many users who aren’t able to use certain sites on cell-phone tend to stop using such websites reducing websites’ traffic. Adopting a mobile-friendly interface can aid generate traffic to websites.


  • Influencer marketing

Influential individuals can help grow the brand online and attract potential customers. An influencer can be any person that can aid promote your brand on social media sites. Those influencers who have a website of their own can create a backlink for your brand’s website.

Let’s say that 2019 will bring vital changes in SEO. It will be the year of AI, exceptional video content, mobile-friendly user interface, quality content. These trends may take time to come into use and become popular, but still, they will dominate the SEO world in 2019.


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